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Monday, January 28th, 2013

How do you cure a panic attack? There are many dependency solutions on the market that dilute the effects of a panic attack, or make them cease all together. However, they only save the patient from the ailment of panic attacks when they are dependent on the treatment. Tao of Badass by Josh Pellicer from teaches that an exercise that will give you a long-term cure for panic attacks, and it will only take seven minutes and twenty-one seconds.

The source of the book’s success is science. After debilitating panic attacks for over two years, the author researched numerous fields of study relating to the affliction. The area that showed the most promise was cognitive science where scientists had plotted the changes in brain activity before, during and after a panic attack. It was found that the thought processes shifted from an area in the brain where rational thought existed to an area where primal survival instincts were controlling forces. Therefore, the short breaths, intense sweating and body tremors are side effects of the brain changing gear.

Common advice for dealing with panic attacks and preventing them include breathing control, isolation from the cause of the anxiety and even medication. These plans do not solve the problem of the panic attack; they just assist you in gaining equilibrium in your life. The biggest problem with using these techniques is that they do not free you from the panic attacks. If you have panic attacks when you are an airplane passenger should you really accept that you would never fly again? How are you taking control in that scenario? How can you say that you are cured?

This guidebook acknowledges the shortcomings of other panic attack prevention plans, and addresses the problem at its source. As mentioned earlier, the brain is the source and root of the problem. To cure a sufferer of their panic attack affliction, Mr. Pellicer has developed a mind exercise called 21-7 that gives long-lasting relief. The key to this revolutionary techniques’ success is the understanding of why a person has a panic attack in the first place.

A panic attack is caused by a loop of cognitive stress, seeded from the sufferer’s first attack. The first time someone experiences a panic attack is the exact reason they could experience attacks in the future. The victim fears another attack; this turns into an active and obstructive anxiety, which could finally culminate in another panic attack.

This book teaches how to cut down the fear preventing any further anxiety from developing in the next panic attack. Through the 21-7 method, you will have the power to possess and subdue panic attacks before they become a problem for you, forever.