Eating plan for healthy weight with Factor Quema Grasa

Meals form the most important part of the program as its main objective is to offer alternative meals that are more nutritious and are served in portions that are controlled. The maintenance plan also hinges on the same objective that includes a plan known as 3&3 plan. The 3&3 plan is based on the previous program that was used to lose weight which adds up to six meals that should be eaten daily.

The plan involves the eating of three meals of lean proteins as well as vegetables on a daily basis, while the other three represents meals that are low in carbohydrates and are also three in number. These low carb meals consist of foods that are healthy and could include some meals that were eaten during the program to lose weight.  Furthermore, the maintenance program does not include foods that are rich in calories, have a lot of sugar as well as fried foods. Comprar Factor Quema Grasa aqui!

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